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Q's studio began from a necessity for me to be able to record and produce my own music. Through the years, I have expanded my equipment to handle many individual tasks such as the need for digital mastering, noise filtering, special audio formatting, etc. I use PC based recording techniques for most of my current work because I have gained such a strong background in this field through my two computer science degrees. Let my ability to stay technologically advanced and my love of creating music benefit you in your next audio project.

-Quinn Keon

Q's Studio features the following equipment:
  • PC based digital recording using Adobe Audition
  • PC based digital mastering using Adobe Audition and Sound Forge
  • Echo Audio Layla24 AD/DA Interface: Analog 8-in 8-out, ADAT Optical, S/PDIF,
    Midi In/Out/Through, Word Clock I/O
  • Carvin and Behringer mixing consoles
  • Alesis studio monitors
  • Shure, Carvin, MXL, and EV microphones
  • ART tube microphone preamplifiers
  • Marshall(TSL 100) and Peavey(XXX, 5150II) guitar amplifiers
  • Pearl drums
  • Sabian and Zylgian cymbals
  • dbx (160A, 1066), Symetrix (501, 150), and Behringer (2400) compressors
  • Behringer noise filters and gates/expanders
  • Digitech quad engine effects processors
  • BBE sonic maximizers
  • Rane headphone amplification
  • Alesis SR-16 programmable drum module
  • Carvin power amplifiers and speakers/monitors