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In 2011 Quinn Keon released a 4-song sampler entitled "A Little Taste of Quinn Keon". Labels, distributors, radio promoters, management and booking agents are encouraged to request their free copy of this high-energy rock CD.

Quinn Keon's own brand of "Attitude Rock" is a full-on guitar assault. Quinn says the origin of his music comes from life itself. He draws on his own experiences from the most basic to more complex feelings. Some of Quinn's favorite "high-energy influences" range from short skirts and high heels to 4-wheel drive mud trucks and high-powered rifles.

Quinn Keon says he represents the working class. "You have to work a little harder if you want to play. Nothing has come easy for me. Itís a lot of hard work and determination every day and the perseverance to overcome many obstacles."

With his unique style combining melody and brute force edge, Quinn is able to deliver a dynamic musical performance. With several vocal and instrumental compositions in his arsenal, Quinn shows that he is capable of switching gears with his guitar style, but when he downshifts into "Attitude Rock" youíd better hold on because itís one hell of a ride.

When Quinn Keon was fifteen, he got his first guitar and quickly became addicted. He had always known that he wanted to pursue music, but now he knew for sure with what instrument. Already being an accomplished trumpet player, Quinn began to incorporate his guitar style into his high school jazz band when it was appropriate. By the end of his high school years, he had earned every music award that the school provided.

Quinn Keon and the Lockouts, 1990 The years following have found him playing guitar and singing both on his own and with a band. Quinn Keon and the Lockouts was formed in 1990. Quinn had written several rock songs such as Better Off Dead, Too Much to Drink, and Up to Me, Walk Through Me that this group performed. The members were Quinn Keon (Guitar & Vocals), Bill Beach (Drums), Jerry Leonard (Guitar), and Jeremy Johnson(Bass).

First Amendment - Detroit, 1992Quinn Keon and the Lockouts evolved into the name First Amendment in 1991. Quinn began to write some heavier material for First Amendment to perform. Some of Quinn's better known songs are from this period such as Second Attempt...Failure, Sands of Time, and Playing the Game. The members of First Amendment shifted a bit in 1991 and by 1992 Quinn and Jeremy joined with drummer Tom Vernon to continue on.

Quinn had worked hard playing, recording, and marketing the band's sound. However, after visits to both New York and Los Angeles, the band broke up. "I often wish that we had stayed together because we had such a great sound. But as I look back, I see it as an inevitable event. Three guys in their early twenties all looking to explore life; we all just went our separate ways."

First Amendment, 1992The following two years found Quinn writing and playing with a different sound. He was playing a 12-string acoustic guitar and his music had a much lighter feel. There seemed to be a lot of honesty present in the music at this time. A few of these song titles were Forever, Falling, and Lonely Days Passin'.

In 1995, Quinn had an accident that left him with a crushed left wrist and right ankle, as well as a broken right knee and right elbow. The injury to his wrist was severe, and it was doubtful that he would regain use of his hand or ever play the guitar again. It took Quinn two years of painful determination to finally be able to play again. "I had to learn to play all over again. Many movements that my hand could perform before were no longer available to me. It was very difficult to work around my new limitations."

In 1997 Quinn re-formed First Amendment with Tom Vernon. He had been experimenting writing some jazz material prior to his injury and some of this material was completed during this time. Quinn and Tom came up with a new instrumental sound and performed as a two-piece. They began to experiment playing more jazz/fusion and jazz/rock. This experimentation led to songs such as Cold Fusion, Six, and Aces High. "By digging deep into my jazz roots, I was able to create a surprisingly full sound from just one instrument." Quinn Keon, 2007 In late 1997 Jeremy joined Quinn and Tom to do some recording of their old material. In this session they recorded Sands of Time, Playing the Game, and Return to Me. Quinn and Tom played after this for another year or so before it became intermittent. In early 2000, Quinn had Jeremy and Tom help record some additional songs to complete his album Second Attempt...Failure. This album contains songs from both earlier and current Quinn Keon eras. "This is a neat collection of songs...mostly rock with a little bit of jazz."

Second Attempt...Failure was released in 2002 on Quinn's own Bad Kitty Records. From there Quinn headed back into the studio to finish writing and recording his acoustic album entitled Lonely Days Passin'. Both albums are available at CD Baby and Amazon.com.

Quinn Keon Band2007 and 2008 saw Quinn hitting the Michigan rock scene with full force. Headlining all over the state, Quinn's band(Jerry Leonard, Chris Charnes) rocked the house with a full assault of greasy, gritty, guitar licks. Opening for national acts like Winger and Too Slim and the Taildraggers, Quinn showed that his sound has enough modern edge to stand apart from some of the best rock and blues sounds to date. Quinn is currently recording a new 12-track CD he calls a "high energy rock album with lots of attitide."

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