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Yes, I'm that guy…the guy who wrote a song about killing smurfs.

It was a late night in October of 1989 when I fired up a drum machine and a 4-track cassette recorder and began to let the creative juices flow. I guess it was just one of those special nights during Michigan's archery deer season and I had the itch to hunt. I never liked smurfs and the idea hit me after watching some guy play the smurf theme at a guitar solo competition that I had recently attended. That idea: “Kill the Smurfs.”

I get asked a lot about this song and have put serious time into re-recording it. However, I decided to abandon the project and just let the past be the past. A few obstacles that have led to that decision are the guitar lick is eerily reminiscent of a Suicidal Tendencies riff and the smurf theme is clearly not my creation. I tracked a version of the song in 1992 with Jeremy Johnson and Tommy Vernon. We used the song on our "L.A. Demo" cassette tape (yes, I'm intentionally dating myself). That's the version that most people heard so I’m just going to leave this project at that.

I have no intention of profiting from this song. I'm sharing it with my friends and my fans freely because I get so many requests. Hopefully it makes some of you smile and remember some of the good times from 20 years ago. For those of you who are discovering "Kill the Smurfs" for the first time, enjoy!

Download "Kill the Smurfs"

Dedicated to Woody (the black dog from hell)

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